Macao with Kids

Grand Lisboa Hotel
Macao, termed the Las Vegas of the East, is the last place anyone would think to take their kids to. Some 20 years ago, no one would even consider taking their kids with them when they go to Macau.  It was definitely frowned upon. The city pooled with casinos, strip clubs, bars and luxury international hotel and resort chains, has always been a popular destination for bachelor/bachlorette parties. But times are changing. The city once filled with adult entertainment, gangs and prostitutes are now widely advertised for its cultural heritage sites, eclectic museums, and Michelin starred restaurants. In addition, the era of leaving your kids with the Grandma while Daddy and Mommy go out and play is slowly fading. The present trend of attachment parenting has slowly transformed even "adults only" destinations like Macau into a family friendly destination.


Lake Bled in the Middle of Winter

The bus dropped us off in a place that seems like the middle of a residential neighborhood. Fortunately, the tourist information is only a few steps away. As a fanatic of castles, I immediately asked the girl sitting behind the counter at the tourist information office how to get up to the castle that is literally hanging on the side of a cliff. She advised us that there is a route for cars and it would be way too far for us to walk. Then she suggested an alternative. And what an alternative it was! We literally climbed up the castle on our hands and feet on slippery ice and knee deep snow. On the way down, we took the car route and realized that it does not take long at all! Not to mention it was an easy stroll back down. If I had any energy left from that earlier climb, I would've charged back to that tourist information office and let the clerk have a piece of my mind.
The climb up to the castle


5 Worldly Escapes at Home

Kayumanis Villa, Bali
As much as I would like to have the freedom of jet setting around the world whenever I like, raising two kids just doesn't allow for that to happen. While that might not be anything to complain about, I do miss the destinations I've visited over the years and the freedom to pack up my bags and escape reality for a couple of days. So while the kids are napping, I conjured up a recipe for 5 worldly escapes I already enjoy at home to share with other like minded moms. Enjoy!