Places to See Before I Die

This is my very own version of Places to See Before I Die. As I cross out places I've already been to, I find myself adding more and more to it as time goes by. There are infinite amount of beauty and wonders in this world and so little time to see it!

Acropolis, Greece
Alhambra, Spain September 2011
Amazon Rain Forest
Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Bali, Indonesia October 2009

Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Budapest,HungaryFebruary 2010
Burj Al Arab, UAE
Burj Khalifa, U.A.E.
Canterbury Cathedral, England
Cappadocia, Turkey
Chambord Chateau, France
Chichen Itza, Mexico - Mayan City
Christ Redeemer, Brazil
Damascus, Syria
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Eiffel Tower, France
Florence, Italy
Forbidden City, China
Golden Pavilion, Japan
Golden Temple, India
Great Wall, China
Hagia Sophia, Turkey
Halong Bay, Vietnam
Hutong, China
Jerusalem, Israel
Kathmandu, Nepal
Kotor Bay, Montenegro
Kremlin, Russia
Kyoto, Japan
Leaning Tower Pisa, Italy
Li River, China
Lijiang/Shangri-La, China
Louvre Museum, France
Machu Picchu, Peru
Marrakesh, Morocco
Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Mezquita Cordoba, Spain
Mont St. Michel, France
Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Neuschwanstein, Germany
New Orleans, USA
Niagara Falls, USA/Canada
Petra, Jordan
Pompeii, Italy
Prague, Czech Republic
River Nile, Egypt
Roman Colosseum, Italy
Sahara Desert
Santorini, Greece
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Sistine Chapel, Vatican City
St. Mark's Basilica, Italy
St. Peter's Basilica, Vatican City
Taj Mahal, India
Teotihuacan, Mexico
Terracotta warriors, China
Tibet, China
Tienanmen Square, China
Topkapi Palace, Turkey
Valley of the Kings, Egypt
Varanasi/Ganges, India
Venice, Italy

Yangtze River, China

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