Beating Jet Lag in Taipei

The hardest part about traveling is having to reset your biological clock every time you change time zones. Getting over jet lag can be tiring and such a hassle. After coming back to Taipei after many trips, I find that this city makes the transition rather easy and pleasant.

Arriving in the morning
Upon arriving at a destination after a long international flight, there is nothing more enticing than to have a long shower and a big breakfast. When arriving in the morning, most often hotels are not ready for check in. But you can store your luggage at the hotel and head out to one of the hot springs around Taipei to get that much needed shower and pampering. There are plenty of conveniently located hot spring resorts around Taipei where you can get a private room for a couple of hours at a very reasonable price. If you're not shy about mingling with locals and tourists in the nude, there are also public hot spring pools for as little as 200-500NT and you can stay as long as you like. You can soak away all the fatigue and stiffness from a long flight, and if budget allows, foot or body massages is available in many hot spring resorts. After a much needed shower and relaxation, delicious meals can be had within the resorts. And if you're on a tight budget, there are always snacks and meals to be bought in local convenience stores surrounding the hot springs.


Taipei With Kids

Taipei, at first glance, is just another densely populated metropolis in Asia; not exactly a place for a family vacation. Especially true where metropolitan areas are now taken over by DINK couples (Dual Income with No Kids), the need to cater to children and babies is even less of a priority. Is Taipei following this trend where it gets increasingly difficult to travel with kids in a metropolitan city? Having lived in or near Taipei for over 5 years and having had 2 kids later, I feel that it's only fair to take a closer look at how child friendly this city really is. This is what I conclude after careful reflection of my experience in this city: TAIPEI MORE THAN QUALIFY AS A KID FRIENDLY CITY. Here is why: