Breastfeeding on the Road

Contrary to what most people think, breastfeeding on the road is actually a lot more convenient than bottle feeding. New moms often feel chained to the rocking chair at home because they're nursing. But it doesn't have to be that way. Once mommy's milk supply is established and the baby is overall comfortable with nursing, it is very possible to travel domestically and internationally with your baby. Here is why:

1.) When you're breastfeeding, you don't have bottles to wash and sterilize. Also no need to bring bottles or formula; which will really decrease your luggage size. Just bring a breastfeeding cover and a burp cloth and you're good to go literally anywhere.

2.) Less worries about Babies getting sick on the road. Breastfed babies get lots of antibodies from mommy, therefore they get sick less often.

3.) Carry your baby in a sling and you can nurse your baby while you're shopping or sightseeing. The rocking motion while you're walking calms and soothes the baby. It's like 2 birds with 1 stone.

4.) Breastfed babies are usually less fussy. When all else fails, your breasts are your best asset. Just offer your baby the breast and you can continue your sightseeing as he/she nurses.

5.) Enjoy the food without the guilt. Last but not least, and this is probably my favorite one. Everyone knows that the culinary experience is an important aspect of traveling. Most moms have an increase appetite while breastfeeding and still manage to lose more weight than moms who chose to formula feed. So this is the time you can indulge. So go ahead, enjoy that gelato. As they say: When in Rome...

Don't completely restrict yourself from traveling just because you're breastfeeding. Enjoy a little adventure on the road with your baby. You might even encounter some interesting breastfeeding stories that you can share with your kids after they're all grown up. Bon voyage!

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