I want to ‘Go with Oh’ to Prague

Due to unforeseen circumstances , this post was not finished before the end of the contest, therefore it has not been entered. However, I still feel it should be posted for travelers who may find the content useful.

When I saw a post for the "Go with Oh" blogging competition on world traveler Connie Hum's blog, I knew I would enter regardless of what the prize may be. Competition requires that bloggers choose a city from the listed 10 destinations and create a wish list of 5 things they'd most like to do or experience in that city. I didn't even have to finish reading the list of cities to choose Prague. Although the winner of the competition will get free accommodations on 4 cities in Europe for 1 month, the experience of writing about Prague is already a treat in itself. Now I have a reason to sit in front of my computer and daydream about Prague!

Prague is on most people's bucket list. Although I've already had the privilege of visiting the city twice, I still dream of going back from time to time. I can't really pinpoint exactly what captivated my heart to the city but I can only compare the experience to falling in love at first sight.

If I ever get to visit Prague again, I would like to experience the following:

  • Be a tourist: There really is no where in the world I'd rather be a tourist in. Whether you tour the city on bike, by boat or on foot, it gives a different prospective of Prague each and every time. I just can't get enough of the magnanimous castles and cathedrals, the lively spirit in the old town and the sunsets on Charles Bridge.  
  • Photography class in Prague: The best souvenir of Prague I can give myself would be to take a Photography class taught by someone who knows Prague like their own backyard. I would want to capture a side of Prague I would not have seen otherwise. Take photos that whisper the secrets of the city. In a city as picturesque as Prague, every building, every street corner deserves a snapshot of a moment in time.   
  • Christmas in Prague: My favorite holiday in my favorite city...I'm grinning from ear to ear just thinking about it. Shop in the Christmas markets that rivals the best in Europe, sip mulled wine in Old Town Square standing on a blanket of snow, sample yummy Christmas delights from food stalls, bathe in the jolly Christmas spirit of carolers and children...
  • Experience of being a bohemian writer: What was it like to be Franz Kafka working on his stories or discussing literature with other literary enthusiasts while sipping coffee at Cafe Slavia? I definitely would like to find out. Okay, I admit, maybe I won't be producing Pulitzer worthy work but I'm sure updating my blog where Franz Kafka have sat while writing would help channel the writer in me.
  • Drink beer on the balcony: Czechs are considered as one of the world's athirst beer drinkers. Beer drinking is practically a national pass time. I would love to rent an apartment with a balcony over looking the Old Town and join in on this national pass time and enjoy life as a Praguian. Sitting on the balcony on a warm sunny day and enjoying a cool refreshing Pilsner while people watching will definitely be an experienced to be savored.

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