A Letter to My Precious Ones...

Dear Tato and Allie,
As a mother, there is nothing I want more than to give you the world, to watch as you squeal with delight at all the wonderment that life has to offer. But it is not without difficulties and a heavy heart as your dad and I decide to set this family on this amazing path. While the world is filled with indescribable beauty that stirs the chambers of the heart, it is not without evils that lashes out at innocent souls. My heart becomes heavily burdened thinking of the many ugly faces of evil, despair and destruction you may witness in your lifetime. I cringe at the idea of exposing you to such elements of life. But I will never forgive myself if I allowed you, or any of us to shy away from life, give up on having a life for fear of the unknown and uncertainties. In addition, for less selfish reasons than you think, I will not shy away from my dreams of traveling the world. The dreamer in me must continue to dream in order to give you even bigger dreams. The dream chaser in me must continue to chase after that dream in order to teach you to be resilient.  So mark my words kids. For you I will be brave. I will be resilient. I will give you the world!

In the case that you won't remember a thing from our travels when you grow up, here I offer my most treasured wisdom: 

  • Life is lived. It's not watched on television or read in books.
  • Believe in the infinite possibilities the world has to offer. The world is your limit.
  • Never stop dreaming.
  • Experience the magic and the mysteries that exists in the world. See it with your eyes. Feel it with your heart.
  • Always have compassion.
  • Learn from the people you have encountered, the cultures you have been exposed to, the places you have been to. 
  • Last but not least, remember that: life is a canvas, so fill it up!
As for now, eat well and sleep tight my little ones, for you will need all your strength to receive the gift your dad and I will give you: the gift of travel; an admission into a world brimming with dreams, marvel, and miracles.

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